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The important thing is to make everything sound better.

To make your ideas come true, to give them a twist and, if you allow us, to make it better. That’s how we are. A team of professionals who love to squeeze the most out of every sound. Only in this way, taking care of every detail with the help of the latest technology, can we manage the whole sound process, from capture to broadcast, in a comprehensive manner and under the highest quality standards.

Sound recording and postproduction for television, internet, radio, cinema, interactive multimedia.
Audiovisual sound, sound design, sfx creation.
Music production, musical composition and recording.
Direct sound.
Binaural sound, 360, VR, multichannel 5.1.
Remote connections, session link, conference, source connect, zoom, teams.
Voice talent database and voice casting.
Library music catalogues.
Management of music licences and negotiation with rights holders.